Company Profile

When we see new products, we store them away: firstly in our heads, then as a sketch and using CAD. The interplay of creativity and our knowledge of materials, modern machinery and years of qualified development activity is what makes us successful.

We specialize in development, prototype construction, production, sales and service for one-way and returnable packaging, including engineering services. We protect your goods and ensure safety throughout the logistics process.

While developing we find the most effective solution for you: we calculate returnable solutions as well as standard containers and explore all possibilities on the market.

Rapid response time

As a medium size company we can react in short time when you need it. Our internal processes are streamlined and all departments work hand in hand for urgent customer demands.

Sophisticated Solutions

Benefit from our longtime experience in complex packaging solutions. This knowledge is used to improve all our projects - from small and simple separators to large sequencing shelfs.

Result-Oriented & Special Expertise

Get in direct touch with us if you have a packaging project - usually we can tell you right away if our team can help you: +49 35242 466 0

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Production capabilities



We are supporting our customers in recycling their used packaging or other production scrap with our machines to recycle plactic and foam waste.

All our production left overs of PE-foam and PP-boards are recycled and reused in the supply chain.

Our Location

This is how you can reach us:

Take the A4 highway till exit number 75. Turn left if you come from west, or turn right if you come from east. After 300 meters turn right on Nossener Straße. Go ahead 700 meters, you will pass a gas station "Shell". After the bridge, turn left on Nordstraße. On the right side is our factory.