Custom Large Container

Custom Large Load Carriers and
Pallet Containers

Large Load Carrier with customized dimensions
PLS different size

Plastic Pallet Containers are reusable, pallet-sized containers to transport medium sized goods and return the container for refill.

We have a solution when standard container are not effective for your application.  We can manufacture pallet containers in any desired size, for better space utilisation or odd-dimensional goods.


  • Can be adjusted to any size as per customer demands: from tiny bins up to more than 5m (15ft)
  • Forklift-compatible base
  • Foldable options to reduced transport volume on return trips
  • We offer a wide range of fittings and inlays to mount the packaged goods
  • Weight and handling advantage compared to wood or steel solutions
If more efficient for your application, we will recommend standard-containers of various manufacturers to you.

Have a look at some projects with our custom containers:

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