Trays, compartments and inlays

A tray is an open packaging in which several individual packages are located.

Trays are used in wholesale and retail industry as well as in health care and for inhouse handling in the automotive sector

A compartment is a division of a surface into smaller partial surfaces, with the same dimensions.

These are used to transport several identical components. It can be made as a disposable or reusabel packaging solution.

Textile dunnages are ideal if you need a transport of components and don´t have enough space for different type of dividers.

Usually they are used as inlays in boxes, trolleys and even steel-racks.

Foam inlays are used to place sensitive and fragile components in a form that fits snugly and so providing optimal protection in all handling scenarios.


Easy to replace clip-on solution for fixing foam inserts. Can be used at locations, where gluing or welding is not feasible.

Additional this solution adds flexibility to your packaging as inlays can be easily replaced and the outer packaging can be reused.

Toothed foam bar inserts are a solution to fix your components on a specific distance in a row. This is used for long and small pieces which are fragile or have a delicate surface.